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I am Edward Nicholson, the owner of

Welcome to my website.

I am a social worker and organizational psychologist by training, although I worked as a management consultant over the last 30 years. I now have small private practice focusing on Mood Disorders and problems facing the 'post 40 year old' male, as well as, addressing performance issues associated with management and executive coaching.

I am sorry you are having a difficult time with your personal stability and moods. Anxiety, especially panic attacks, can be overwhelming and frightening - frightening moments that are hard to explain to others or for them to understand how something which seems so minor to them can cause you such devastation, unless they, themselves have had similar experiences. Often the advice they give you seems so 'trite' and you land up feeling that you are just not understood.

These anxiety 'leaking' moments that you have, can be so pervasive and create such a negative impact on others that you can often 'push' them away and you land up not getting the sympathy and support you need - leaving feeling even more lonely and frightened.

Also, it is not unusual for you to be so scared of these 'anxiety moments' and frightened that they may 'pop-up' at the most unexpected moments that you don't venture outdoors nor want to be in the company of others, lest you embarrass yourself.

I hope you find something here that can help you through your difficulties.

Unfortunately, I don't offer 'psychotherapy' support or crisis intervention here, but please don't despair. This website is about assisting to address your difficulties yourself. Anxiety disorders are capable of being addressed through a self-help approach. What I will do is provide you with a set of known techniques that you can try-out and see how they will work for you. I will however also indicate the situations in which you must use professional and medical help. The research indicates that Anxiety Disorders respond best to combinative approach comprising medication and therapy, especially therapy that is of the CBT nature. (If you need I can give you the references to the research that I have based this opinion and advice upon.)

Anxiety disorders, in most instances can be addressed through 'self-help' interventions and techniques. There are instances, situations and types of problems when you would be very advised to seek professional and medical assistance - I identify those for you on this site.

You however can design your own self-help program and achieve considerable success. I review some of the self-help approaches and programs available to assist you in your task. I hope you can find others in the blog section with whom you can share your knowledge and gain new insights.

If you are feeling down and overwhelmed, please contact a friend, your nearest support center, your pastor or a counselor - don't sit in a corner until the feeling passes. Anxiety attacks and disorders are not like headaches where the mere passing of time helps.

You have to do something about it. Though this can be very difficult and draining at times. So set up it and initiate your self-help and self management program.

That's what I am here for.

I will show you how to go about developing your own and in what situations it is absolutely imperative that you seek professional help.

You don't have to go it alone!

You can get hold of me via e-mail [email protected]

If these are difficult you can try me at my postal address

PO Box 71411. Bryanston.


South Africa. 2021

Or my office:

"The Studio",

108 Crestwood Drive,



South Africa. 2191


Please visit our blog, post your comments, questions and any practical problems, techniques and tips that you have found work well.

Let us know how we can help you!

Thank you for visiting

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