Self-Help Programs
Anxiety disorders and panic attacks can be successfully treated through a good self-help program.  There are a some conditions under which the self-help approach is not recommended. (See page on “when not to use the self-help approach“).  Otherwise a good self-help approach can be considered and the likelihood of success is quite high. Several good books are around which you can consider. “Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies” is one such book that should find its way onto your list.  A very popular program on the Internet which should also get onto to your list is Panicaway and your can read a brief review of it on my web site on the panicaway review page.  This program has had a lot of success and testimonials and comments from users of the program seems to indicate that it is comprehensible and can be applied by most people without too much difficulty.  So if you are going to go the self-help route initially in treating your anxiety then I would include it on my list of possible candidates. Remember, whatever program you use, look for those that allow you to integrate both the feeling and thinking components of anxiety into your anxiety symptom management program. The three components of anxiety management are:
  • Feelings of anxiety, tension and fear that accompany  the physical symptoms of anxiety
  • The thoughts and thinking that feed into the anxiety
  • Physical symptoms of anxiety
A good program must address the feeling and thought components as part of the steps involved in taming the physical symptoms. Also, if you need to take medication in support of your efforts, do so under professional guidance.  You initially may need some  assistance with sleep management if you have had a period of poor sleep and embedded poor sleep habits, then a short course of sleeping tablets can help in parallel to you commencing with some sleep hygiene  practices as part of your long-term anxiety management program. Some self-help programs only address one of these components or have a central thrust around thought management, but are quite tame in the other areas.  I talk about how these components are integrated in a treatment funnel and is discussed on the page Selecting The Best Treatment For Anxiety. Here a graphic link to Panic Away again if you need it:

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